Stiltz Home Lift Elevators

Stiltz Home Lift Elevators are a great choice for homeowners looking for an easier way to get up and down floors. We can install these in any home. We also clean up after the installation and removal of the elevator. We will always respond fast if you ever have a complaint about Stiltz Home Lift Elevators. As installers for Stiltz, we work hard to answer questions and keep customers informed. We can always get support from Stiltz directly.

Stiltz Home Lift Elevators

The Duo Alta Home Elevator is the perfect alternative to a stair lift or conventional hydraulic elevator. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo Alta offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

The Stiltz Duo home lift elevator offers a variety of benefits for home users. For one, it has an interior seat where the user can sit on the lift. Another feature is an optional grab rail for added security. We can also configure the lift with a through-car feature, allowing users to enter from two sides.

This lift has an ultra-compact footprint and can fit into tight spaces. We can install the elevator in the center of a room, in a corner, or in the void of a stairway. Since it is versatile in placement, it doesn’t need a supporting wall.

Another great feature is that it is easy to install. The Stiltz Duo Home Lift can fit into almost any home with a footprint of less than a square meter. Its design also makes it more flexible and stylish than a traditional hydraulic lift. The Duo Home Lift is quiet, requires no wall fixing, and we can install in as little as one day. Another advantage of the Stiltz Duo Home Lift is that it plugs into a standard 13-amp power socket.

The Stiltz Duo Classic home lift elevator provides a better alternative to a stair lift. Installation can be in one day in any two-story home in the USA.

Stiltz Duo Alta

  • The Stiltz DuoLift elevator has a self-contained electric motor. You can use any standard 220V power outlet.
  • Its small footprint makes it easy to install.
  • It comes with two wireless remote controls to operate the lift.

You can drive the lift to a lower floor and remain on throughout the journey. It also comes with an installed seat and a grab bar for safety.

The Stiltz Duo is an entry-level home lift elevator that can go up to 13 feet in length and can accommodate one or two people. It has a capacity of 375 lbs. It’s quiet operation is an important consideration for anyone considering a home elevator. The Duo model can be installed in one day, and dealers will provide instructions and support to help you use the lift.

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator provides a convenient and stylish alternative to the traditional stairlift. Its dual rail design means that it can be installed in almost any area of the home. It also doesn’t require load-bearing walls, meaning it can be installed on a wall or in a closet. The Duo is also quieter than traditional floor lifts. It also features two remote controls for easy operation.

This model allows users to enter and exit the elevator on either side. It is designed for wheelchair riders. It fits a full-sized wheelchair and can move between floors in 30 seconds. It is also equipped with wireless remote controls.

The Trio Alta has an innovative design that can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair, while remaining compact and pleasant to the eye.

Stiltz Alta Trio Wheelchair Lift

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Elevator offers the convenience of an elevator in a self-standing structure with a spacious cab that seats two or three people. It travels up to thirteen feet per minute and has a weight capacity of up to 485 lbs. The Stiltz Trio offers convenient features like a battery backup system. There are also internal LED downlights.

With a footprint of less than 13.5 square feet, the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is easy to install. The lift requires minimal space. Another feature is dual rail technology. This makes it the most compact domestic lift available. Its small footprint also preserves valuable floor space.

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Elevator is designed for various situations. It accommodates a standard wheelchair, a walker, or a rolling frame. It is compatible with a wide range of home elevators, so installation is simple.

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Elevator can allow wheelchair users to live in their own homes. This lift is a perfect alternative to a stairlift. Its spacious interior cab allows the user to carry extra luggage or larger items. Stiltz lifts can be installed almost anywhere.

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Elevator can carry two or three people. It can also be used to transport items from one floor to another. This is a cost-effective alternative to a stairlift and can improve a person’s quality of life. Stiltz Lifts are quiet and easy to use.